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the tragic faggot rides again
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21st-Dec-2004 11:48 pm(no subject)
hey its been a long damn time since i have updated. i have been busy setting up the apartment and setteling in for he winter. i have also been reading Hiroshima, and needless to say, i cant put it down. i love it.

i finished my christmas shopping yesterday. I got my mom a cellphone for christmas, its completely insane. i even had some rhinestones put on it (just a few to accentuate). it looks good and i know she will like it, its nice to be able to give your parents something that they can actually have fun with.

in othr news, enzo it totally out. i have been a little bummed out about it its really why i have been so quiet letley. i cant even bring myself to think about it. on the one hand he totally screwed up, but on the other, so did i. he is such a drama queen about it. then again maybe we all all just players on the stage, the stage is called life, bro. anyway once you squeeze it out, you cant put the toothpaste back into the tube, so...what is said is said.
tutti fruity
19th-Nov-2004 11:49 pm - its gotta be big
hey hey i know its been awhile but damn, life has been so busy. its been really nice out lately and spring like. i wish the weather would make up its mind...everday i need to wonder scarf or no scarf!

total drama alert!

enzo is currently not speaking to me. he wont return my texts messages or anything.

ok, im glad i got that off my chest. im thinking about finding a new place to work at, this place i am at now is turning out to be a drag. i think i want to find something a little more my style, i need a more positive atmosphere. i just feel depressed there, lik i cant totally serg out like i need to. those dance cages are not all they are cracked up to be. I might not make as much money if i move. the plae may be a drag but i mkae good cash, which is always a good thing for survival. i could go with a little bit less, so i am not that concerned yet.
tutti fruity
5th-Nov-2004 11:49 pm(no subject)
ohmygosh this just in:

cher is planning to rerecord "i got you babe" with sonny bono. HOW COOL!!!111.

i saw this in a magazine that was in the noodle shop that I had lunch in. this news could not have come at a better time.

the apartment is basically mine once the people move out. i should be in by dec 1st. that means i get to have the rents over for holidays, and i am going to learn some new recipies. if anyonehas any they want to share, feel free to drop me a line.

tonight we are going to hit a few bars and then maybe catch a movie.

i need to eat, i am starved!
tutti fruity
3rd-Nov-2004 11:50 pm(no subject)
i have been so busy lately, no time to post. halloween was insanity! i just ended up wearing a mask that i bought at rickys. i am not even sure who it was supposed to be, but thats ok. there were people everywhere in the village. we went to eat at fridays. i had pot stickers, and i drank woowoos all night long and got a nasty hangover.

i am also in the porcess of moving all my shit into enzo's place. i am staying there for the interim until i can find something better. i make enough money to get a place around here. i love the brownstone apartments. the building manager said that someones lease is up in a few months, so i may hang around for that opportunity. i love the layouts of them.

last night i had a few strange dreams, and each one was interrupted by someones annoying car alarm. the first one was about fire engines, and they were out in front of my best friends apartment and thyere were huge crowds gathered around. and i knew he was dead. then i had a dream about my ex. and she was there with a man, a man who scared me like snape from harry potter. and when i huggerd her she was pregnant. the last dream i had i was running along the beach somethere where the water is not dirty. and i climed up on these crags, which had trees growing and roots beneathte rocks. it was creepy. then i desiced to go back, only, i was connfused and i couldnt get my feet in the water.

yeah i am a little disturbed i would say.
tutti fruity
27th-Oct-2004 11:52 pm - im a wuss.
well i never ended up getting my periceing tonight. i got down to the booth and i started feeeling really queasy. i did get to eat some fries, and i dipped them in choclate syrup. i feel pretty fat now but ill get over it.

while i was stuffing my mouth full of fries, who should walk up the stairs? sasha. if it isnt a small world! she was with some hipster doofus called rob. he is a student at nyu. he didnt impress me much. apparently he didnt impress her either. she and him said goodbye outside the shop and then she came back upstairs and chilled with me and lorenzo.when we were done there we hooped a cab to the duplex and it was pretty good. I had a few baby guinesses, but i didnt get drunk. after that sasha went home because she has to work tomorrow (yuck). enzo and me just came back to the apartment and I think i need to move out. i dont like my roomates anymore. we are playing final fantasy tactics now, well enzo is, i am surfing.
tutti fruity
27th-Oct-2004 11:51 pm(no subject)
well good morning everyone. i just woke up about fifteen minutes ago. i guess i was really tired because i never sleep this long. it is cold outside. i can tell because my feet are feeling a slight cool breeze. i am not going ot work tonight because i traded shitfs to work tomorrow night. i did this gladly because work will be so much fun tomorrow, it being hallows eve and all. still don't know what i am going to go as. im pretty sure i am just going to throw on a dress and call myself a girl. lame i know but i am not even really feeling like dressing up. i have been kinda depressed in the past couple of days and it hasent really been on my mind. i talked to my ex last night on the computer for a few minutes. it made me really sad and I ended up crying in the shower when iwas getting ready for work. i know i am a sap, please dont make fun of me. my ex just really knows how to get to me. i feel low.

walking to work today i stopped at a vendor and bought a purple fanny pack with glittery tassles. its the sex. i put it on and wore it to work. some of the guys laughed at it, but ant and ryan thought it was cool. they bought me a copule after the shift, and then i came home and watched the living end. that movie makes me crazy!

tonight is also the peircing party. we were gonna do it tomorrow but i am working now so we are going ot night. i am getting a ring!!! i am going to peirce my belly, because i think that is so hot. i am not sure who is going but its definitly me and enzo and bree. were goingto whatever tattoos because that is my personal favorite place for all my needs. plus right next to it is a sex shop where some of my other needs are filled, and what is even more rad then that is the fry place is across the street! I am such a happy boy.
tutti fruity
25th-Oct-2004 11:55 pm(no subject)
tonight i didnt work at the club but i did have to go to an award dinner with a lady named Ms. Sasha and it was not as bad a time as i thought it would be. i hate coproate affairs they are sooo stuffy. it was the first time we've met, she is a newer client. she was a lady tonight. she did not get any awards tonight but i dont think she was expecting one. i drank white zinfndel all night long and i think i am still a little tispy. she gave me her number and told me to call her if i ever wanted to have a good time. whatever she meant by that. she was really young and so interesting. i dont know why she needed an escort to this affair.

so i am home early. enzo really wanted to go to a party tonight but i dont think i am up for it anymore. drinking wine makes me tired and i just feel like laying down with this book that my roommate left of the coffee table for me to read.

i am so hungry right now but i am totally not going to eat anymore tonight. i ate like such a heifer.
i feel like some of those really good fries from that fry place. anyone wanna go get me some?

well, do a little dance make a little love and get down tonight, get down tonight.
tutti fruity
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