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the tragic faggot rides again
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29th-Sep-2005 12:13 am - saddness.
After working so long as a dancer, any other kind of work seems lame and non-lucrative. I don’t know what to do. Enzo suggested that I attempt to forge the temp agencies located in the City of White Plains- but its cloudy and rainy today and just not the kinda day that I wanna spend in search of work... I wanna spend day indoors. The clods are very fierce this morning and it makes me miss Enzo. It saddens me that he can’t be here, or that I can’t cut it in the city. Well it’s just me, The View and a bottle of V8.
tutti fruity
28th-Sep-2005 11:11 pm - HAHAHA!
Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He begins by saying: "Mr. President, yesterday three Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the president exclaims. "My God! That’s terrible!" His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands.

Finally, the president looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"
tutti fruity
26th-Sep-2005 09:27 pm(no subject)
the world is indecently decent today as the news of hurricane rita's wrath is reported on the news. lives and dreams strewn across the gulf coast. Nature's finest. I wonder will the suffering of mankind ever see fruition? Are we doomed to pain and loss, confusion?
tutti fruity
26th-Sep-2005 09:21 pm(no subject)
I just moved into my new digs in Yonkers, NY. I decided to move upstate because I wanted a quieter lifestyle than the one I had. I really need the focus in order to achieve my zen, something that has been seemingly missing from my life latley. I am having an existential crisis of sorts and my life is sordidly messy. I have been slowly breaking down over the past few months and it is like nothing else that I have ever been through. Thank god for my new boyfriend Alesandro. He has been so supportive of me and a really great crutch. Anyway My new pas is decorated in hues of blue beacause life is aquatic, and I am a fish, baby.

Each day is a struggle. Each day is a mountain that I need to surrmount.
tutti fruity
25th-Sep-2005 01:21 pm(no subject)
i keep changing my profile because it seems like every day hate the one i just put on. here's to a nother new layout/
tutti fruity
23rd-Sep-2005 08:19 pm(no subject)
Guess who is back? Like a mother fucking bat out of hell, mah niggah!

It's Sergio Ramierez, back if only a tad less functional.
tutti fruity
7th-Apr-2005 11:42 pm(no subject)

life has been too fast for me to keep up. mother visited me and the dear woman rought me the rest of my cd collection. that was really really great of her. actually what she did was put all my cds into one of those zipper cd binder dodads.

Otherwise she may not have been allowed to take it on a regular plane, show would ofneeded to put it on special cargo.

However it is not as many cds as Kevin D. has. The entire wall of his apartment is simpley covered end to end with cds.

Whenever i hear rush on the radio, i think about my young life. sometimes i get so melancholy and I cant take the idea of aging. the thought that i am almost an old man scares me. i still feel like a kiddo.

i dont want to grow up, live just doesnt seem worht it after you hit 25. now i have the big 2-8 comiing up drawing me ever closer to 30 which draws me ever closer to 40 then 50 then 60 then kaput.

someone call kevorkian. i want out of this freakshow.
tutti fruity
21st-Mar-2005 11:44 pm(no subject)
Oh for the love of god, next time I decide to take one of those cruises to nowhere, someone please just hit me on the head and send me to china via airmail, please.

Now off to start a row! My birthday is comming up in one month. For my yearly gift to myself, I decided to attend the circus. Anyone wanna come along and be my date.

Jus kiddin', i do not need a date as i am bringing tito with me. he can make a mean corned beef on rye, lemme tell ya.

Love and toodles.

~*~Serg ~*~
tutti fruity
14th-Feb-2005 11:46 pm - it's been years, I know
things have been so good. i have been taking ballroom dancing classes with Sasha and she is really good, whilst i suck royally. Other then that I have been working hard at the club, but i have given up my moonlighting job because i really felt like a dirty used tissue. i dont need that job, as i am not really struggling anymore to buy food and pay the rent.

meeting the guys at mcsorelys tonight for a round for valentines day. chanes are i will obtain a valentine for the evening.

im giving up carbs, yep, that means no more fries or zeppoles.

lexus is doing well. he is my boy! he knows how to bring my slippers, and in fact waits with them by the front door when i come in. I didn't even have to teach him that, he has learned from watching my routine. i think i should bring him down the the psychic on 2nd aenue to see it maybe he has some powers?

i was supposed to call tom last night and talk to him on his radio show. things got a little crazy after i took some pills and I never ended up calling him. i feel like a real shit for it, but i am a jerk like that. i will try to remember to call him when i get home later and wish him a happy day. i hope he gets a little sweet valentine moon pie tonight.
tutti fruity
28th-Dec-2004 11:47 pm - ride the sergie love train
i totally finished all shopping today, but it was realllly insane out there. the weather was pretty crappy but at least it was warmer then it has been.

i almost got decapitated today when the train jerked and some chick yanked on my scarf. I was pretty rude to her but by that point i was so tired of the crowds. next year i will do all my shopping online and save myself the agony of walking among idiots.

I have to go to work tonight, even though i would rather stay at home. I think i might get a dog. stan the landlord said it would be alright, if i were to get one, so maybe tomorrow night I will try to go to a shelter. i have no real plans for tomorrow, so maybe it will be a good time to bond with my dog.

must get ready now
tutti fruity
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