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the tragic faggot rides again
ride the sergie love train 
28th-Dec-2004 11:47 pm
i totally finished all shopping today, but it was realllly insane out there. the weather was pretty crappy but at least it was warmer then it has been.

i almost got decapitated today when the train jerked and some chick yanked on my scarf. I was pretty rude to her but by that point i was so tired of the crowds. next year i will do all my shopping online and save myself the agony of walking among idiots.

I have to go to work tonight, even though i would rather stay at home. I think i might get a dog. stan the landlord said it would be alright, if i were to get one, so maybe tomorrow night I will try to go to a shelter. i have no real plans for tomorrow, so maybe it will be a good time to bond with my dog.

must get ready now
tutti fruity
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