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the tragic faggot rides again
it's been years, I know 
14th-Feb-2005 11:46 pm
things have been so good. i have been taking ballroom dancing classes with Sasha and she is really good, whilst i suck royally. Other then that I have been working hard at the club, but i have given up my moonlighting job because i really felt like a dirty used tissue. i dont need that job, as i am not really struggling anymore to buy food and pay the rent.

meeting the guys at mcsorelys tonight for a round for valentines day. chanes are i will obtain a valentine for the evening.

im giving up carbs, yep, that means no more fries or zeppoles.

lexus is doing well. he is my boy! he knows how to bring my slippers, and in fact waits with them by the front door when i come in. I didn't even have to teach him that, he has learned from watching my routine. i think i should bring him down the the psychic on 2nd aenue to see it maybe he has some powers?

i was supposed to call tom last night and talk to him on his radio show. things got a little crazy after i took some pills and I never ended up calling him. i feel like a real shit for it, but i am a jerk like that. i will try to remember to call him when i get home later and wish him a happy day. i hope he gets a little sweet valentine moon pie tonight.
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